T. A. Skinner

Anthem UX Design

My biggest win and lasting legacy at Anthem is the design system I branded, created and even animated to unify all of Anthems diverse UX efforts with a robust and cohesive visual language. Motif is still in production but you can view a sneak peak here.

This is a signature project in my career is Motif is not just a cute name, but it has become a legitimate brand throughout the Anthem universe. My success with Motif lead to other exciting opportunities to design complex experiences, both responsive and native mobile, as Anthem continues to transform from health insurance provider to digital product company.

Motif Concept Updated Menu.jpg
Motif Concept iPhone 8.jpg
Motif Concept iPhone 8 Nav.jpg
Motif Overview Page.jpg
Motif Color Page Copy 8.png
Motif Concept iPhone 8 Color Page Copy.png
Motif Philosophy Page.jpg
Motif Accessibility.jpg
Motif Working with Analytics.jpg
Motif Buttons Page.png
NGE_AA_Dashboard _v4 Copy 4.png
NGE_AA_Dashboard _v4 Copy 7.png
NGE_AA_Dashboard _v4 Copy 8.png
NGE_AA_Dashboard _v4 Copy 9.png
NGE_AA_Dashboard _v4 Copy 2.png
NGE_AA_Dashboard _v4.png
NGE_AA_Dashboard _v4 Copy.png
NGE_AA_Dashboard _v4 Copy 6.png
NGE_AA_Dashboard _v4 Copy 5.png
NGE_AA_Dashboard _v4 Copy 13.png
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Claims - Desktop Filters Expanded Copy.jpg
Claims - Desktop - Expanded.jpg
AS - Spending Acct Tabs.jpg
Spending Accts Mobile Tabs.png
Spending Accts Mobile Dashboard.png